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What does "single" mean?

Vocabulary Word: single

1. Definition (n.) popular song from an album

Examples I like Michael Jackson’s latest single.

Examples After their first big single the band became quite rich.

Examples Our new single is a hit! People really like it!

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2. Definition (adj.) not married; having no boyfriend or girlfriend

Examples My friend Joe has been single for 10 years. I wonder when he’ll get another girlfriend.

Examples I got married young, so most of my friends were still single.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am still single.

03:48 AM Jan 17 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Other definitions are used for “single” about songs !

I like it!

New to me!

08:22 PM Jan 16 2013 |



yeah, definitely. as a girl, i’m not forced to shave my bloody legs!:D

09:35 AM Dec 04 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Being single has pros and cons.

09:01 AM Dec 04 2012 |

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