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Israeli soldiers confess to killing Civilians Palestinians on Purpose in Gaza




This time, and Oppisite of the past, some isrealis soldiers, confessed

that they killed several civilians palestinians in Gaza on purpuse,

some of them were old people and some were woman,

and some famillies where leaving ther homes.

This time is not the palestinians who said that, but it came from

their mothes, and they confessed without feeling sorry any anyother feeling.

thy were talking as they killed some insects or animals,


Those soldier said that the military administration gave them orders

to kill any one they find it in special places in Gaza, and the soldiers

took advantage of that to do that they wanted.











Haaretz exposes IDF testimonies describing Killing of civilians, vandalism, and lax rules of engagement. The testimonies include a description by an infantry squad leader of an incident where an IDF sharpshooter mistakenly shot a Palestinian mother and her two children. "There was a house with a family inside …. We put them in a room. Later we left the house and another platoon entered it, and a few days after that there was an order to release the family. They had set up positions upstairs. There was a sniper position on the roof," the soldier said. "The platoon commander let the family go and told them to go to the right. One mother and her two children didn't understand and went to the left, but they forgot to tell the sharpshooter on the roof they had let them go and it was okay, and he should hold his fire and he … he did what he was supposed to, like he was following his orders." Another squad leader from the same brigade told of an incident where the company commander ordered that an elderly Palestinian woman be shot and killed; she was walking on a road about 100 meters from a house the company had commandeered.

The IDF spokesman said to Haaretz that "the IDF is now conducting intensive and comprehensive inquiries, and that commanders are encouraging discussion of these matters. The IDF has no supporting or prior information about these events. The IDF will check their veracity and investigate as required. The head of the preparatory course was also asked to pass on to the IDF any information he has so we can deal with it and investigate it in depth."

In his analysis piece on the expose Haaretz's military correspondent Amos Har'el says "The IDF's ethical problems did not start in 2009. Such discussions also followed the Six-Day War. But a reserve officer who looked at the transcript Wednesday said: "'his is not the IDF we knew.' The descriptions show that Israel's view of the enemy is becoming more extreme. The deterioration has been continuous – from the first Lebanon war to the second, from the first intifada to the second, from Operation Defensive Shield to Operation Cast Lead."



Israel accused of 'new Gaza crime'


A senior UN official has suggested that Israel should be held accountable for a "new crime against humanity" during its January assault on the Gaza strip.

Richard Falk, the UN's special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, said Israel had confined Palestinian civilians to the combat zone in Gaza, a unique move which should be outlawed.

"Such a war policy should be treated as a distinct and new crime against humanity, and should be formally recognised as such, and explicitly prohibited," Falk said in a report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday.

Palestinian civilians were prevented from leaving the Gaza Strip during the three-week bombardment by the Israeli authorities.

Falk also called for an investigation into Israel's attack on Gaza, in which more than 1,300 Palestinians were killed and homes destroyed.

Israel said it carried out the assault to stop Palestinian rocket attacks on southern Israel.

Report condemned

Falk's comments formed part of a much longer report from nine UN investigators including specialists on the right to health, food, adequate housing and education, as well as on summary executions and violence against women.

"We've found the rapporteur's views to be anything but fair. We find them to be biased. We've made that very clear"

Robert Wood, US state department spokesman

Radhika Coomaraswamy, the UN secretary-general's Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, accused Israeli forces of using a child as a human shield in one incident.

Soldiers forced an 11-year-old boy to walk in front of them for several hours as they moved through the town of Tal al-Hawa on January 15, even after they had been shot at, her report said.

Aharon Leshno Yar, Israel's ambassador to the UN rights council, condemned the report, saying it "wilfully ignores and downplays the terrorist and other threats we face", and the alleged use by Palestinian fighters of human shields.

The US accused Falk of being biased.

"We've found the rapporteur's views to be anything but fair. We find them to be biased. We've made that very clear," Robert Wood, a US state department spokesman, told a media briefing on Monday.


'War crime'

Falk called for the probe to assess if the Israeli forces could differentiate between civilian and military targets in Gaza.
In depth

Analysis and features from after the war

"If it is not possible to do so, then launching the attacks is inherently unlawful, and would seem to constitute a war crime of the greatest magnitude under international law," Falk said in the report. 

"On the basis of the preliminary evidence available, there is reason to reach this conclusion," he added, saying that attacks occurred in densely populated areas.

Falk, who has been critical of Israel in the past, was expelled from Israel during an attempt to visit Gaza in December, after he said Israel's policies on the territory amounted to a crime against humanity.


07:57 AM Mar 21 2009 |

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yea, i ve read that in news…..and that clear the lies of Fabs….

beside they now try to earase the arab dewellers fro Qudes "juesalem" ...from their homes….and we hear no one who support jew here…......jews behind every evil….....

08:25 AM Mar 21 2009 |




Any deliberate killing of Civilians is highly condemnable. 

jews behind every evil….....

So arabhamid, what do you say about this statement?

09:11 AM Mar 21 2009 |




Java :

jews behind every evil…..... 

So arabhamid, what do you say about this statement?

This is only an expression, and mr Osesame doesn't mean that they're evil, the Jews are people like all the monkind, but what some Jews are doing make them seem like that.

I know that it wrong to talk in general about all people.


Let's talk about what Israel did, and try to avoid changing the topic.


Israelis soldiers confessed that they killed on purpose civilians people in Gaza, and what was with the agreement with Israel administration, they killed the civilians without feeling sorry for regret, they were talking about killing the civilians as they were talking about insects and animals.


and the worse that the world doesn't say anything.

when the killer is Zionist Israeli and the killed is an arab or Muslims, that doesn't worth.


This is the humanity of the world!!

where are the human organizations!!!

Where are the free world!!


When the Arabs and Muslims are the victimes, that doesn't worth to care about them.

11:53 PM Mar 21 2009 |



Long Live Palestine!


12:30 AM Mar 22 2009 |



Long Live Palestine!


12:30 AM Mar 22 2009 |




all what jews did in palstene….and u don't know hwy ppl hate jews?!!!!!!!

and the only very minority jews who refuse war, u want to generalize them though fabs himself talk about them as negligable pesentage…..

a very very little amount of muslims commit killing, we hear shouting and crying ….oh muslims r terrorists though all muslims deny that…..while the majority of jews support their terorist government…..and we hear ,lastly, a question like "why ppl hate jews?!!"........

what an inocent question….....!!!.....

even nonmuslims all over the world hate jews…...but it seems u live in another planet…...or hide ur head in the sand…...or just want to oppose!!!!!

12:40 AM Mar 22 2009 |




@Arab hamid 

This is only an expression, and mr Osesame doesn't mean that they're evil, 

Please read his post above. 

Also  you don't seem to share the same zeal when it comes to Darfur. 

all what jews did in palstene….and u don't know hwy ppl hate jews? 

All what foregin muslims did in India,... and u don't know why ppl hate foregin  muslims?

If you have reason to hate Jews for a few thousand dead,

Then why shoudn't Hindu's , Zoroastrians, Bhuddhists, Jains and Sikhs hate foreign muslims?

foregin muslims = Muslims who invaded India. 

@ osesame 

 while the majority of jews support their terorist government

It is the same reason why majority of Arabs support Hamas, and many seem to supprt 9/11 and genocide in darfur 

even nonmuslims all over the world hate jew 

simple, they have racist attitude. Those people are anti semetic and ha, Arabs are semitic people as well.

I don;t have reason to hate muslims or jews or any one.

I see evry one as same.I see them as people. not as muslims christians or Hindus. I have never asked any one "What is your religion" 

you may call in hiding face in sand, I don;t care, 

Yes I live in a planet called India. 

02:03 AM Mar 22 2009 |



United Kingdom

All of you brothers and sisters,,, Let me show the truth which is already well-known.. That no one will take care of all that, as Long as Israel did all that…

The solution is to get ready for the forthcoming events,, We have to depend on Almighty God only, and lets ignore whole the world, Allah will support us and give us Victory against these killer animals.

By the Knowledge, we will be able to raise The Empire of Islam back. Allah is the Greatest.


02:08 AM Mar 22 2009 |




WHAT DID U MEAN BY "foregin muslims did in India"....?!!
UR WORDS ABOUT THE TOPIC WAS "Any deliberate killing of Civilians is highly condemnable. ".....VERY LITTLE WORDS AS U SAID THEM SHYLY…...WHILE ABOUT MUSLIMS U CAN WRITE ARTICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02:26 AM Mar 22 2009 |




A number of officers told Haaretz this weekend that the testimonies did not surprise them, as "anyone with eyes in his head knows that these things happened during the fighting in Gaza."

02:39 AM Mar 22 2009 |